Parents and Guardians will LOVE Pixbee.

We get it – you don’t want any more device devotion in your life.

Pixbee is about safety and connection. Pure & simple!

Not another device to manage.

Pixbee has been developed to help families of all shapes, sizes and combinations keep up with family logistics without the stress.

Your watch wearer can take your calls, make voice, or video calls or send short messages to pre-approved contacts without a smartphone.

With no locked-in contracts required, simply insert your own 3G/4G Nano-SIM card from any compatible network provider across Australia or New Zealand and away you go.

It can’t be much simpler than that for you to have a direct line of contact with your child or teenager.

  • Pixbee has no monthly fees.
  • The free Pixbee App is available to use on both Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • Pixbee is compatible with most Australia and New Zealand telecommunication networks.

Features of your Pixbee

4G/WiFi Video Calls

Pixbee’s built-in two megapixel camera supports two-way video and voice calling. With the ability to tap into any WiFi or available 3G/4G network, your Pixbee is ready for superior, uninterrupted connectivity for video calls. 3G/4G networks have significantly faster speeds within their coverage areas, meaning your Pixbee can always be relied on.

Parental Control

Only trusted, approved contacts can call or message Pixbee. Incoming calls and messages from unknown or specific contacts can be blocked via the App using Pixbee’s smart parent control functions.

Classroom Mode

Pixbee knows that learning is important. Classroom Mode has been developed to prevent unnecessary distraction during school time. Parents and caregivers can choose deactivate video and voice calls, messaging and chat functions via the Pixbee App.

GPS Tracking

Our built-In GPS service allows you to see your loved ones’ location in real time. Pixbee’s GPS tracking service is reliable, accurate, secure and high quality.

Safe Zone Boundaries and Instant Notifications

Set up virtual geofence boundaries and safe zones and receive instant notifications when your Pixbee enters or exits a safe zone. You can create up to 15 safe zones. They can be for anything like home, school, bus and train routes, friend’s houses and more.

No Social Media Access

With no internet access and no social media, you can keep your small person safer from the impacts of cyber bullying and the social pressure and dangers that come with open internet access.

Last Location and Lost Mode

If you accidentally lose or misplace your Pixbee, the Pixbee App can pin its last location when connected to 3G, 4G, or WiFi. It will then continually update you if your lost Pixbee changes location.

Remote Lock and Shutdown Protection

If your Pixbee is lost, you can easily lock, shutdown or restart Pixbee remotely via the App.

Built-in activity monitor

Pixbee has a built-in pedometer, so kids can have fun measuring their daily steps and parents and guardians can measure their child or teenager’s activity.

Easily connect Pixbee with a Nano-SIM

Pixbee is a very clever smart watch and needs a reliable network and Nano-SIM card to support it.

Pixbee is best supported by a Vodafone, Telstra, or Optus Nano-SIM with a minimum 2GB capacity to facilitate functions like voice and video calls, SMS, and image sharing.

If you need help inserting or setting up your Nano-SIM we recommend you visit the store you purchased your Nano-SIM card from and ask for their help.

You can use a pre-paid Nano-SIM card in your child’s Pixbee but it isn’t recommended. If you do go down this route, please note your Pixbee can’t make calls when and if pre-paid credit expires. Check with your provider to ensure the specs of your Nano-SIM card support the requirements of your the Pixbee.

If you’re having some trouble with your Nano-Sim we have some solutions in our FAQ.

Can Pixbee work overseas?

Absolutely! Pixbee is designed and developed in Australia to work across multiple countries and regions and our coverage is constantly expanding.

Currently Pixbee works in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe and other countries depending on your chosen network’s band compatibility.

* Please note, data roaming charges may apply while traveling internationally. Please check data roaming costs with your network provider

If you’re using Pixbee in any of the above countries or overseas, please ensure your carrier supports the following 3G/4G network bands:

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