Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair the Pixbee?

There are several steps to go through to pair your Pixbee to the App. Please follow this link to the manual, which has clear steps to guide you through the process.

How do I download and set up the App?

Please scan this QR code or check this page out of our manual.

How does Pixbee keep my data safe?

Your user data is securely stored in Australia on Amazon Web Servers (AWS). This means your Pixbee wearer’s tracking location, sensitive and private data is encrypted and won’t be leaked, accessed or seen by anyone-but you. Read more

What is the warranty on my Pixbee?

Your Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch comes with a 12-month warranty. A copy of your Warranty can be found here.

Can you tell me about your checks and compliances so I can be assured my Pixbee does not pose a health risk to my child?

Pixbee has cleared an RCM chemical check, which is the industry standard chemical and radiation test and means that it is not emitting any hazardous chemicals or radiation. Please see the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) site for more information about these certifications.

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a trademark owned by the electrical regulator (Regulatory Authorities (RAs)) and Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA).

The materials in the Pixbee Kids Video and Smart Watch are safe and do not emit harmful radiation.

My Pixbee won’t turn on.

If your Pixbee won’t power up, the first thing we recommend is to plug in the Pixbee to the charger it came with and ensuring it is fully charged or at least is charging while you carry out some troubleshooting.

While Pixbee is connected to this power source, ‘long press’ or ‘hold down’ the power button for 20 seconds.

If your Pixbee still does not turn on, try rebooting your Pixbee smartwatch from the Pixbee App. Just press SETTINGS and then option REBOOT in the App.

If this doesn’t work, please call our customer service team or email us at info@pixbee.com.au

Is Pixbee waterproof and what does an IP67 classification mean?

Pixbee has an IP67 rating, which is the industry standard.

This means Pixbee is water resistant. So, the odd hand wash, exposure to light rain and sprinkles of water won’t damage your Pixbee.
However, it also means it can’t be immersed in water, and Pixbee can’t be used in places like the shower or while swimming.

I’m not receiving my verification / set up code when I register my account on the Pixbee App

Please check your Inbox and your Junk folders, the email should be found there.

And don’t forget to add Pixbee to your safe senders e-mail list so you can be kept up to date with Pixbee updates.

Can I pair multiple Pixbee's to my Pixbee App?

Yes you can! You can pair multiple Pixbee’s to the Pixbee App via the following process:

  • Ensure your Pixbee App is open on your smartphone, and your two Pixbee smartwatches are charged with their firmware updated.
  • If your Pixbee Firmware has not already been updated, please see this link for instructions how to update your Pixbee’s Firmware.
  • Once your Pixbee’s Firmware is updated, please open the Pixbee App

On the Pixbee App

  • Ensure it is open and you are looking at the home screen.
  • Press the top left-hand icon, which should contain your child’s photo. As a default it is a grey circle with a white avatar inside it.
  • A screen with several options will appear.
  • Select the ‘Pair’ option.

On the Pixbee Smartwatch

  • Have your Pixbee ready, and swipe across to the ‘Pair’ screen and select.
  • A QR code will appear on your Pixbee.
  • Now use the Pixbee App on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the watch. Please note, there are two QR codes on the watch: please scan the first QR code, it has the SN number listed under it.
  • Add the watch wearers’ information.
  • Now your second Pixbee is paired to the watch.

To choose which Pixbee to call, check location settings etc:

  • To choose which Pixbee you would like to call, text or video, refer to the name on the top of your App.
  • There is a downward arrow. By pressing this arrow it presents a drop-down box listing the names of your other connected Pixbees. Simply select which Pixbee Smartwatch you would like to interact with.

Now you’re good to go! If you have any further questions about pairing your Pixbee’s, please check our FAQ’s or email info@pixbee.com.au

My Pixbee doesn’t work. Although I bought an unknown brand Nano SIM card, could that make a difference?

The Pixbee is a brilliant watch and needs a reliable network and Nano-SIM card to support it.

The Pixbee Video Smart Watch requires a Nano-SIM card. It is best supported by a Vodafone, Telstra, or Optus Nano-SIM (either pre-paid or post-paid) with a minimum 2GB capacity to facilitate the Pixbee’s super-cool functions like voice and video calls, SMS, and image sharing.

Who can fix my Nano-SIM card issue for me?

If you fall into this category, we recommend you physically go into a Telstra, Optus, or Vodaphone store (or contact your specific service provider) directly with your Pixbee and ask them to supply, format, and insert a nano-SIM for you.

Can I use a pre-paid Nano-SIM card in my child’s Pixbee?

Yes, but check with your provider to ensure the other specs of the Nano-SIM card support the needs of the Pixbee. It’s specs should be on the back of the Nano-SIM packet.

How do I update my Pixbee watch Firmware? How often should I do this?

We suggest you update your Pixbee watch Firmware when you first set up your Pixbee and continue to check if updates are required.

To update the firmware on the Pixbee Video Smart Watch, please follow the below steps:

  1. Swipe from right to left on the Pixbee watch screen 7 times. This will take you to the ‘More’ screen.
  2. Swipe up until you see ‘Update’ come up in the options.
  3. Press ‘Update’ to check if there are any Firmware updates. Press the arrow in the middle of the screen to initiate the Firmware update.
  4. Once the Firmware update has downloaded and you have pressed the arrow your Pixbee watch will re-start and update its Firmware and Voila, you’re done!

Does Pixbee have Bluetooth connectivity?


Does Pixbee have Wi-Fi connectivity?


What is a geofence zone?

A geofence zone is a virtual boundary set by you around a designated area on your map. Say your watch-wearer is going to the park with their friends. Maybe you’re a little apprehensive. Bring up the map on the Pixbee App, find the park’s location, set a red boundary around its outside perimeter, and rest assured you will get a notification from Pixbee if your child leaves this zone.

How do I set up a geofence zone?

Good question, but one best answered in our manual, so follow this link.

How do I receive notifications when my child or watch wearer has entered or left a safe zone?

You will receive a notification directly to your smartphone. However, something as simple as an outdated app or a smartphone low on battery (or is about to die) is enough to throw the best-laid plans to a fault.

To make sure you can always receive notifications when your child enters or leaves a safe zone, make sure your smartphone is on, fully charged, the App is running, and your phone is off silent.

How do I make an SOS call?

You can make SOS requests (calls) to the numbers listed in your emergency contacts in an emergency. To do this, hold down the power button on the right of the watch. The SOS request will trigger a call to the contacts on the emergency list.

How do I add a contact to the SOS calling list?

You can do this through the Pixbee App. The SOS calls are sequenced.

How does this function make SOS calls?

If your child or watch wearer makes an SOS call, the first contact on the list will be called three times. If that contact does not answer, Pixbee will call the second person on the SOS list. The SOS call will continue to be placed three times with each contact and make its way down the list until someone answers. We advise you to educate your watch wearer about how to use this feature responsibly.

Can I disable the SOS function?

You can’t disable the siren. Please check out our Dear Pixbee page where we discuss this function, including how to best educate your small person on its appropriate use.

How do I set up Classroom Mode?

There are several steps to go through to activate Classroom Mode in the Pixbee App. Please follow this link to the manual, which has clear steps to guide you through the process. You can also watch our video on how to set up Classroom Mode by following this link.

How do I make the most of the step counter?

The Pixbee has a built-in pedometer, so kids can have fun measuring their daily steps.

Stars are given when the Pixbee Smart Watch hits 5000, 10,000, and 15,000 steps.

To learn how to manage this function, please see page 15 of our manual.

How do I reset the Pixbee Smart Watch to factory defaults?

There are several steps to go through to restore your Pixbee to factory defaults. Please follow this link to the manual, which has clear steps to guide you through the process.

How will my child receive an incoming SMS message?

Your child can receive incoming SMS messages from approved contacts. Your child or watch-wearer can then call the message sender back or send back an emoji or pre-loaded term, such as ‘got it!’

Why can’t my child write their own SMS back?

Pixbee has removed this feature to avoid the temptation for your small person to spend unnecessary time texting. We want to ensure kids are safe and connected but also and encouraged to spend time IRL (in real life).

How can my child reply to my text?

Parents and guardians can send texts to their watch wearer, who can only reply and acknowledge in emojis- like a thumbs up. This is so your watch wearer can get the information they need but isn’t compelled to spend all day texting. “Hey Mick, I am going to be 5 minutes late can you wait at the gate?”

Reply: Thumbs-up.

How do I block unknown calls?

There are several steps to go through to block unknown calls. Please follow this link to the manual, which has clear steps to guide you through the process.

Can I make a video call from my Pixbee smartwatch to someone who doesn’t have the Pixbee App on their phone?

The Pixbee smartwatch can only make video calls to approved contacts, who also have the Pixbee App on their smartphone and have the App paired to the Pixbee watch they are trying to call. This allows you to safely make video calls, thanks to the security offered by the software in the Pixbee smartwatch and Pixbee App.

In order to make a video call, the caller will need to be added to Pixbee as an Approved Contact via the App. To add a new, approved contact and enable them to make receive video calls to Pixbee, they will need to download the Pixbee App, register a new account and pair the Pixbee to the App. During the pairing process, Pixbee will ask the main Pixbee App account holder for permission to allow this person to be an approved connection with your Pixbee. The administrator Pixbee App account holder can remove this new person as an approved contact, anytime.

Once your approved contact downloads the Pixbee App, pairs with the Pixbee watch and is granted access, they will have full access to your Pixbee’s App features, so they will be able to see the watch wearers’ location, change settings and more. In light of this, we recommend only granting this access to people that you trust implicitly.

Please note, if you are not able to physically get to the Pixbee watch you are trying to the App with, we suggest you ask the Pixbee watch owner to take a photo of the QR pairing code on the Pixbee watch and send it to you or someone else you trust so that you can then pair the Pixbee App to the watch remotely.

I’m having trouble making video calls. Can you help?

We have several suggestions to help get you back on track. Please be aware, video calls can only be made between the Pixbee App and the Pixbee smartphone.

Things to check:

  1. Have you updated the Firmware on your Pixbee watch?
  2. Is your Pixbee App the most current version? (You can check for updates in the App update section on your smartphone)
  3. Is your Pixbee App paired to the Pixbee watch correctly?
  4. Is your Pixbee watch connected to a strong Wi-Fi or mobile network?
  5. If using mobile data, have you ensured that your SIM card has had its data enabled?

Please note, on rare occasions using your Pixbee watch or the Pixbee App in an area that is heavily built up, remote, or with little reception, this has been known to momentarily impact the clarity of video calls. We suggest you contact your network provider to confirm there is a coverage issue in your area.

If you have run through these steps and are still having trouble, please email our help desk at info@pixbee.com.au and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

If you’d like some more instructions on how to Set Up or configure your Pixbee, please visit our handy video guides:

Pixbee's Features

4G Network

In-built GPS

Video Calling


SOS Calls

Classroom Mode

Step Counter

Location Sharing

2MP Camera

IP67 Weatherproof

Technical Specifications

4GB (ROM) + 512MB (RAM)
1.44” IPS Touch Screen
Cellular + WiFi
54.4 x 42.8 x 14.7mm
SIM Card Spec:
Nano SIM Type (SIM Not Included)
IP Rating:
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