Classroom Mode is a feature that disables Pixbee’s functions during school time.

Pixbee knows that whatever your child is doing during school hours, it’s vital to their development to avoid all distractions.

Reading, writing, maths, playing tag or kicking around a footy, whatever your small-person is doing during school hours, Pixbee knows it’s important.

Pixbee won’t encourage device devotion and doesn’t compete for your child’s attention during class.

Pixbee is here is to keep your child safe and connected but also supported to learn and play.

Pixbee turns off during school hours. Simply select ‘Classroom Mode’ on your Pixbee App to activate.

Don’t worry, all texts and calls will come through to Pixbee at the end of school when its functions become active again.

Students who aren't allowed to wear smartwatches at school can leave their Pixbee in their bag or ask to leave it at the school’s office.

Pixbee’s Classroom Mode will keep your child focused on what matters and you in the teacher’s good books.

By silencing Pixbee during class hours, it’s one less thing Mrs. Robinson has to manage in her classroom.

Classroom Mode is optional, but we hope parents and guardians use this feature for the teacher’s sake just as much as your child’s.

By activating Classroom Mode on the Pixbee, you remove the temptation for tiny fingers to call and text their contacts while they should be learning or playing.

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